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Tailored Services

We understand all business owners face different challenges.

At Hill Bookkeeping, we tailor our services to your unique needs and work collaboratively with you to ensure you achieve your financial and business goals. Our services are designed to make it as easy as possible for you, so you can focus your energy on your dreams. 

easy to set up

We are committed to delivering a gold-standard onboarding process and ongoing stress-free experience and believe that all small business owners can reach their goals with our help.

Our Process

  • Reach out

    Fill out our inquiry form and if you are a fit we will send a booking link to book a call. Book a chat with us to get started. We'll set a time to have an in-depth meeting where we discuss your business, your goals and what your big dreams are.

  • Review

    In this part of the process we'll sit down with you for a deep dive meeting where we'll conduct a detailed review of your business. We'll assess your business needs and how we can implement new systems and processes that can help you achieve your goals.

  • Proposal

    Next, we'll create a proposal tailored to your businesses specific needs. We'll establish clear goals which we will work together to achieve.

  • Engagement Letter

    Our letter of engagement sets the tone and scope of the project. It will outline all services that are included, a timeline complete with milestone meetings, and compensation.

  • Onboarding

    Our gold-standard onboarding process sets the tone for our working relationship. It’s an opportunity to make expectations clear, understand communication styles, and gather all necessary information.

Industry Specific Advice

While our expertise spans across diverse industries, including travel agencies, real estate, law firms, hair salons, counseling services and more, our advice is customized to the challenges of any industry. We identify what’s necessary to keep you on track and meet compliance requirements. 

Hill Bookkeeping

taking bookkeeping off your plate!

As an outsourced accounting solution for small businesses, we pride ourselves in taking the bookkeeping function completely off an owner’s plate. It is essential that bookkeeping is performed accurately and in a timely fashion as it is the driving force for financial information as well as the basis for tax filings. Errors in the books can be very costly, from poor decision making based on incorrect data to overpaying taxes.

We use QuickBooks Online as our accounting platform of choice as it is the industry leader and robust enough to handle 100% of the accounting needs of virtually all small businesses. It allows for integration with a multitude of apps for example, time tracking, expense reporting, online bill pay, etc. that provide for a more efficient accounting system. This will help to increase accuracy and save a tremendous amount of time and money. We will work with clients using QuickBooks Desktop, as it is sometimes a better fit for businesses requiring specific features.


Classify Transactions

Classify Transactions

We will take the bank feeds in your QuickBooks and put them to the correct account.

At Hill Bookkeeping we understand that accuracy and precision are of utmost importance when classifying transactions. That's why our team of experts has the necessary experience and skills to classify each transaction correctly in QuickBooks. We will take your bank fees and put them into the correct account so you can rest assured that your financial records are accurate and up-to-date. This way, you won't need to worry about discrepancies down the road. 


Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

Each month we will perform a reconciliation on all bank and credit card accounts to make sure everything has been accounted for in QuickBooks.

Bank and credit card reconciliations are an important financial process used to ensure accuracy and completeness of bank and credit card transactions. Bank reconciliations maintain the integrity of a company's financial position by verifying that all relevant transactions have been recorded accurately. This process also confirms that the reported bank accounts balance is correct at any given point of time. Credit card reconciliations involve comparing the bank statement information with each corresponding credit card statement from the issuing Bank, making sure the bank credits match up with each posted transaction, and ensuring any discrepancies are corrected promptly. All bank and credit card reconciliation processes should be conducted on a regular basis to avoid potential errors due to inactivity or negligence.


Accounts Payable & Receivable

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Keeping track of all expenses, invoices and payments.

Good bookkeeping is essential for any business. It ensures that all expenses, payments and other financial transactions are accurately tracked and recorded. Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) form the basis of bookkeeping practices in most companies.

Accounts payable keeps track of all payments that the company makes to its vendors, suppliers or contractors for services or supplies purchased. Bookkeepers use these records to monitor cash outflow from the company and make sure that bills are paid on time.

On the other hand, accounts receivable keeps track of invoices issued by a company to customers who have purchased goods or services from them. Companies can easily check their past sales history with this information, as well as ensure that all payments made by customers to the company are recorded.


Cash flow projections

Cash flow projections

A breakdown of the money that is expected to come in and out of your business.

This includes calculating your income and all of your expenses, which will give your business a clear idea on how much cash you'll be left with over a specific period of time.

Cash flow projections are essential for bookkeeping and understanding your business's financial performance. They estimate expected profits and losses over a period of time, providing you with a clear picture of the money coming in and out of your business. This can help you make informed decisions about how to manage cash flow, plan for future investments, or even apply financing. 

It is important to regularly review your cash flow projections so you can accurately track changes in income and expenses as they occur. With reliable projections, you can confidently adjust your budget accordingly to ensure maximum profitability. 


Budget and projections

Budget and projections

A budget outlines planned business expenses and revenue over a period of time.

Setting budget and projections can help you achieve clarity, transparency and structure in your business - making sure everything is accounted for. We prioritize our clients' budgeting needs to ensure they are aware of their monetary outlook. We strive to provide comprehensive budget analysis and realistic projections that accomodate a client's unique financial situation. Our team will prudently look over budget plans and offer suggestions on how to manage finances more effectively, while simultaneously navigating economic shifts.


Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Written records that convey the business activities and the financial performance of a company.

Financial statements are the bookkeeping records of a company's financial transactions and activities. It is important that these statements are kept up-to-date, as they provide an accurate snapshot of the financial health of a business. Financial statements include balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and statements of retained earnings. These documents provide essential information to stakeholders such as investors and creditors so they can make informed decisions. Accurately recording all financial transactions in bookkeeping software or manual records helps ensure that financial statements accurately reflect the company's performance and position. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We create fully customizable packages for every single client! During your initial call with us, we’ll get to know you, your business, your goals and come up with a plan that works for where you’re currently at. We’ll be your guide to ensure you have the right level of service and during our consultation call we’ll break it all down for you to easily understand.

We offer both hands on and hands off approaches to supporting your bookkeeping and financials - meaning you can be as involved as you’d like, or as hands off as you need.

Realistically, nothing. We can support you in setting up a brand new set of books or clean us messy books. We’ll take all the dirty work off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

We can help! We can clean up your books to get everything back on track, then moving forward we’ll take over to maintain them and ensure your numbers are accurate and easy to understand.